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10 Digits - Dah Raghami - ده رقمی

10 Digits - Dah Raghami - ده رقمی

10 Digits - Dah Raghami - ده رقمی

In this comedy drama we follow the antics of thief Firooz, or '13', as he is known by others, due to his incessant bad luck. When Firooz happens upon an abandoned house and steals an antique carpet, his fortune once again crumbles - the carpet's origins are not as straightforward as he first believed. An encounter with beautiful carpet enthusiast Nazi complicates things further. A unique blend of comedy, mystery, romance and drama, this film offers something for everyone.

""فیروز 13 "" دزد بدشانسی است که از نظر همکارانش نحس است. او در جریان سرقت از خانه ای متروک فرشی را میدزدد که بعدا میفهمد عده ای آن را پیش تر از موزه فرش دزدیده اند و مترصد خارج کردنش از مملکت هستند.فیروز بعذ از آشنایی با نازی متوجه می شود که فرش در اختیار او، یک اثر نفیس ملی است و تحت تاثیر تشویق های نازی که علاقه مندش شده قصد بازگرداندن فرش را به موزه میکند اما فرش از آن پس در جریان قصه بین فیروز، نازی و خانواده فیروز و دزدان اصلی دست به دست میششود و نهایتا نازی فرش را به موزه بازمیگرداند.

Firouz Sizdah is a thief who is considered unfortunate by his colleagues. He steals a carpet during the theft of a deserted house. Later he finds out that some people have stolen it from the carpet museum before and they intend to send it abroad. After his acquaintance with Nazi, Firouz learns that the carpet is a national exquisite object. Firouz who is influenced by Nazi's encouragements, a girl that he has fallen in love with, intends to restore the carpet to the museum. From then on, the carpet is getting around between Firouz and his family, Nazi and the main thieves. Eventually Nazi returns the carpet to the museum.