Frequently Asked Questions

About IMVBox

Established in September 2013, IMVBox is an online video streaming platform that specialises in Middle Eastern Cinema. This year’s focus is on Iranian movies, but movies from other countries in the region will be added to IMVBox in due course. All content is DMCA protected.
Several Iranian and non-Iranian individuals who are passionate about Iranian cinema are the backbone of this effort.
IMVBox has gathered the best of Iranian Cinema experts and advisors and is working closely with the advisors of the so-called Netflix of African Cinema. Also the best of IT experts, who have previously worked on international projects, have been employed to deliver the best service possible to online audiences who are interested in watching Iranian movies with English subtitles.
In short, IMVBox is the only online platform dedicated to Iranian Cinema that shows movies not only in legal format, but that also contains 100% English subtitles while the quality of the movies is the best that it can be. Also IMVBox is more than a place to watch films. It is also a site that provides information about Iranian Cinema. Besides its extensive collection of Iranian movies, IMVBox is building the Directory (IMDB) of Iranian Cinema with the help of our contacts in the Iranian film industry. IMVBox has been clearly introduced by members of the House of Iranian Cinema as the only legal platform of Iranian Cinema. We work closely with the production houses and individual and government bodies to bring you the best of Iranian Cinema. IMVBox works closely with organisations in the Iranian film industry, and links to some of our partners can be found on the pages titled ‘Partners’ and ‘Useful Links’.
IMVBox is also playing a central role in fighting copyright infringement. In addition, IMVBox aims to educate people about Iranian Cinema and Iranian culture more broadly.
For many years, copyright infringement has brought immense damage to Iranian Cinema. Sites that offer illegal downloads cause a great deal of damage to the industry. By using IMVBox’s services you are doing your part to help safeguard Iranian Cinema. IMVBox works closely with producers and distribution companies in Iran and ensures that Iranian filmmakers receive credit for their efforts. You can also show your support for Iranian Cinema by adding your name to our petition. Visit to sign the petition. Where is IMVBox available? IMVBox is available globally.
Yes, all movies on IMVBox have English subtitles.
The directory section for the site is available to audiences; however, the streaming site is not available today.
IMVBox began its operations from an office in West London in 2013, and it has since opened offices in Los Angeles.
IMVBox works closely with a number of agents in Iran. At this moment in time IMVBox does not have a legal representative based in Iran.
Feature films, documentaries, short films, animation and TV series. IMVBox has acquired the rights to over 1,600 movies. At present, IMVBox holds around 350 titles. Three movies are added to IMVBox every week, so there will be plenty at IMVBox to keep you entertained all year round.
By telling everyone about it. You could: 1) Gift a movie 2) Share on Facebook or Twitter By ‘gifting a movie’ you increase your friends’ awareness of IMVBox and its work. You also have the option to follow IMVBox on Facebook and Twitter. Through ‘liking’ and ‘sharing’ IMVBox’s posts you can share IMVBox with your friends.

We are always looking for new team members with whom we can share our passion for Cinema. Please complete the form at
If you have any questions that are not answered here, please contact us through the live-chat feature on the site, or email us at
For any press-related enquiries please contact You could also contact us by completing the form at
We are a very open-minded organisation and we invite our subscribers to get back to us with feedback. You can discuss your suggestions with a member of the staff through the live-chat service, or you can complete a feedback form and ‘rate’ your experience at Your opinions do matter to us. In the past we have taken advice from our users. Listed here are some of the steps we are taking, having listened to our users:

1. Movies will be listed by their Farsi names as well as their English names.
2. We are currently developing mobile apps.

How it works?

Yes, We are now accepting submissions in the following categories: feature, documentary, animation, TV series and short. If you own the legal rights to an Iranian movie, we would very much like to hear from you. Please complete the form, on the link below, and a member of our team will contact you shortly.
‘IMVBox Plus’ is a subscription service which allows access to the full archive based on a monthly, 6-month or 12-month package. Monthly membership: Only $1 for the first month and then $7.99 each month thereafter. 6-month or 12-month package: For a limited time only, we are offering major reductions for those subscribing for 6 months and 12 months, allowing ‘Plus’ members to save up to 68%. Here is the link to the subscription page:
You can cancel any time. All memberships are subject to auto renewal. Based on your package, your membership subscription will be renewed automatically every month, 6 months or 12 months. You must manually cancel the service in order to avoid getting charged. To cancel your service, please log into your account, then go to ‘My subscription’ tab, and click on ‘Cancel’. You must cancel 72 hours before your payment subscription date. There will be no refunds for partial months of using our services. For more information about IMVBox’s services and cancellation policy please visit: ‘Terms of Use’.
Yes, you could subscribe for the $1 trial and try the service for one month.
To reset your password please go to
Anytime you wish, your monthly subscription can be upgraded to a 6-month or 12-month package. You can upgrade your account online by the following steps: sign in, go to ‘My Subscription’ and select a new membership.
Sharing your login details with others is a violation of IMVBox’s Terms of Use and will result in the suspension of your account.
The ‘Gift a Movie’ service allows you to introduce and share a movie or a subscription with a friend. Once they receive the movie or subscription, users have 7 days to watch it as many times as they would like. They will still need to create an account, at no additional cost, to view the movie. To share a movie with a friend, just follow the ‘Gift a Movie’ link found on the page of the movie you want to share.
No, but our ‘Gift a Movie’ service can be used as a Pay-Per-View service as it allows you to purchase a single movie. You do not need to subscribe to IMVBox’s membership to access our movies. You can pay for the movie you wish to see the amount of $2.99. Once you purchase it, the movie will stay in your account for 7 days for you to watch as many times as you like. You will still need to create an account, at no additional cost, to use this tool.
Payment can be made by credit card and through PayPal.
IMVBox does not save or access your payment information. Information is collected by the payment gateway - PayPal or Stripe.
If you encounter a problem please report it at Someone is using my IMVBox account without my permission. Who do I contact to resolve my concern? If you suspect that someone is using your account, please contact us by completing a form at or discuss the matter with a member of staff on the live-chat service.

Watching on IMVBox

IMVBox is available on any device with a HTML5 or Flash compatible browser, whether that be a laptop, smartphone, tablet or other Internet-connected device. To start streaming from any of these devices, just type into your browser’s address bar and navigate to the movie you want to see. Due to our agreement with filmmakers we do not allow content to be downloaded for offline viewing.
We recommend a minimum speed of 0.5 Mbps in order to play a video smoothly.
Over 70% of IMVbox movies are on HD. At IMVBox, we receive our movies directly from production companies, so we can ensure we are always providing access to the highest quality experience available for every movie we stream.
IMVBox transcodes each and every movie to 17 different quality versions and the site automatically picks the suitable movie file based on the speed of your Internet and your screen resolution size. This means that if you are watching on IMVBox, you are getting the best quality on offer anywhere. Film quality is dependent on Internet speed, so for those with slower connection speeds, we recommend they try our one-month trial at a cost of $1 to make sure IMVBox is the right service for them.
Yes, if your TV is connected to the Internet you can browse IMVBox. IMVBox the player software is designed to pick the highest quality and size for the screening on TV.