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2023 |13 Episodes | Portrait , Arts & Literature
"Documentary Photography” by Nasrollah Kasraian is a captivating educational course that takes participants on a transformative journey through the world of documentary photography. Led by renowned photographer Nasrollah Kasraian, known as the Father of ... ethno-photography, this course offers valuable insights into the photographer's vision, the ethics of photography, and the art of capturing compelling images. From defining personal projects and engaging with subjects to mastering lighting, composition, and travelling for photography, participants will gain a deep understanding of the craft and the principles that make a photograph truly impactful. This course is a must for aspiring photographers seeking to harness the power of storytelling through the lens.
Episode 1
7 min
Episode 2
23 min
Episode 3
10 min
Episode 4
19 min
Episode 5
11 min
Episode 6
23 min
Episode 7
25 min
Episode 8
11 min
Episode 9
17 min
Episode 10
12 min
Episode 11
15 min
Episode 12
4 min
2 min