Shahrokh Estakhri
شاهرخ استخری

Shahrokh Estakhri (شاهرخ استخری)
  • Actor
Born October 06, 1980
Shahrokh Estakhri (شاهرخ استخری) is an Iranian actor born on 6 October 1980. He is the eldest of three children, the other two being sisters, of a Chemical Engineer father and a Language graduate mother. Although he was inclined towards acting since his early life, he was obliged to study engineering and became a graduate in Industrial Engineering in 1999. After completion of his academic career he stepped in to the arena of acting by working with Director Mohammad Hossein Latifi a ...nd then Mohammad Rahmanian. However, Shahrokh Estakhri's real fame began after his role in TV drama serial Delnavazan (The Beloved) and "Faseleha" (Distance). Both aired in IRIB in 2010.