Sara Monjezi
سارا منجزی

Sara Monjezi (سارا منجزی)
  • Actor
Born September 28, 1982
Sara Monjezi holds bachelor’s degree in architecture. She made her first TV appearance on the series ‘The Pahlavi Hat’ (2004-2012), directed by Seyyed Zia al-Din Dorri. She subsequently participated in several acting classes and professionally entered the industry. She has acted in movies such as ‘Ti Ti’ (2009), ‘Laughter in the Rain’ (2010), ‘Big Trouble’ (2010), ‘The Desert Eagle’ (2012), ‘Taxi Police’ (2012), and ‘The Carriage’ (2013). She has also ap ...peared in series such as ‘The Forgotten’ (2009) and ‘The Capital’ (2011) as well.