Katayoon Shahabi
کتایون شهابی

Katayoon Shahabi (کتایون شهابی)
  • Producer
Katayoun Shahabi ( کتایون شهابی ) is a film producer from Iran. She produced feature film 'Nahid' and she is also known for a large number of documentaries, including 'Nesa', 'Unwelcome in Iran', '21 Days and Me', 'A Brief Peace', and 'From Iran, a Separation' (2013) that was screened at the Vesoul Asian Film Festival. She is also known for the critically acclaimed Sepideh (2013) which was screened at several film festivals across Europe and Pir Pesar (2011). In April 2016, she was na ...med as one of the jury members for the main competition section of the 2016 Cannes.