Ali Hatami
علی حاتمی

Ali Hatami (علی حاتمی)
  • Director
  • Producer
  • Actor
  • Writer
  • Costume Designer
  • Set Designer
Born August 19, 1944
Abbas Ali Hatami (علی حاتمی) was born in Tehran, Iran in 1944. He graduated from the College of Dramatic Arts and began his professional career as a writer of short TV screenplays and also as a playwright. Among his plays are: The Demon and the Bald Hassan, Adam and Eve, The Fisherman's Story, City of Oranges, Talisman and Silk. He began his professional film career in 1970 by writing and directing Hasan Kachal (1970). In the following years, Ali Hatami developed a personal style that w characterized by melodious dialogue, traditional Iranian ambiance created through architecture and set design. His last film, World Champion Takhti, remained unfinished because of his death in 1996 due to cancer.