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Zohreh Safavi


Zohreh Safavi


Born: April 5th 1952 in Tehran, Iran

Safavi, Zohreh (born April 5, 1942, Tehran) Zohreh Safavi graduated from the University of Police. She began her artistic activities at the age of five by playing a role in a play directed by her father. Her debut movie was 'Safar Ali' (1959). This veteran actress has appeared in several TV series, such as 'Countdown' (1995),'The Story of a City' (1995),'The Days of Life' (1998-1999), 'Golden Troubles' (2002), The Redemption' (2009) and' We Are Not Angels' (2013). Safavi has also taken part in movies, including 'What's Up' (1991), 'On the Wings of Angels' (1992), 'I Like the Earth' (1993), 'The Fateful Day' (1994), 'The Face' (1995), ' Read More.. Saghar' (1997), 'Behind the Night's Wall' (1997), 'The Passion of Life' (1998), 'Butterfly in the Mist' (2005), 'Whatever You Want' (2006) and 'Down and Out' (2007). She is the mother of actress Zahra Oveisi and make-up artist Mitra Oveisi.


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Zohreh Safavi