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Zohreh Hamidi ( زهره حمیدی)


Zohreh Hamidi ( زهره حمیدی)


Zohre Hamidi's ( زهره حمیدی ) acting career began in the early years of the 1990's with a role in the film Delavaran-e Koocheye Delgosha (1992). Since then, she has gone on to have a career spanning three decades, with her most noteable roles in the films Cheshm-e Sheytan (1994), An Umbrella for Two (1999) and Leaning on the Wind (2000). More recently, Hamidi has moved to the small screen with a role in the television series Shoghe Parvaz (2012).


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Zohreh Hamidi ( زهره حمیدی)


Zohreh Hamidi ( زهره حمیدی)


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