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Tarlan Parvaneh (ترلان پروانه)


Tarlan Parvaneh (ترلان پروانه)


Born: July 9th 1998 in Shiraz, Iran

Tarlan Parvaneh (ترلان پروانه) was born on 9 July 1998 in Shiraz, Iran. She is a child star actress best known for playing Negin in The Wedlock (2012). For The Octopus (2011) she won the Golden Butterfly from the Twenty-Fifth Film Festival for Children and Adolescents. Tarlan Parvaneh also starred in Ta Soraya (2011), Bekhatere Pooneh (2013) and Nardoon (2016).


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Tarlan Parvaneh (ترلان پروانه)


Tarlan Parvaneh (ترلان پروانه)


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