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Tahmineh Milani (تهمینه میلانی‎)


Tahmineh Milani (تهمینه میلانی‎)

Director | Producer | Actor | Writer | Set Designer

Born: September 6th 1960 in Tabriz

Tahmineh Milani ( تهمینه میلانی‎ ) is an Iranian film director, screenwriter, and producer. Milani was born in 1960 in Tabriz. She is the wife of the Iranian actor and producer Mohammad Nikbin. After gaining her degree in architecture she embarked on a career in filmmaking. In her films Tahmineh Milani has addressed difficult subjects such as women's rights and the representations of the Iranian Revolution of 1979. Milani has even been sent to prison. The Iranian government raised objections to her film The Hidden Half (Nimeye Penha). She is also known for Nights of Tehran (Shabhaye Tehran), Children of Divorce (Bachehaye Talagh Read More.. ), To Stay Alive (Bimani), What's Up? (Digeh Che Khabar?) and The Legend of a Sigh (Afsaneye Aaah).


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Tahmineh Milani (تهمینه میلانی‎)