Soudabeh Moradian ( سودابه مرادیان )

Soudabeh Moradian ( سودابه مرادیان )






Soudabeh Moradian ( سودابه مرادیان ) is an Iranian independent filmmaker based in California. She has created many movies about Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq. A number of her movies have been in the official selection of various international film festivals and many of them won awards. She mainly focuses on women, social issues and the psychological impacts of war. Her most notable works include 'Story of the Land on Ashes' (2001), 'Doomsday Machine' (2009), 'Burnt City' (2012), and more recently, the US-Iran collaboration 'Polaris' (2014). Having completed her MFA degree in Film and Video at the California Institute of the Arts, Moradian has been working as a screenwriter, director and editor in the US.

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