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Sorush Sehhat ( سروش صحت )


Sorush Sehhat ( سروش صحت )

Director | Editor | Actor | Writer

Born: November 29th 1965 in Nain, Iran

Soroush Sehhat ( سروش صحت ) born in 1966, is an Iranian Writer, actor, and critic. He showed his talent in writing in Jong-e-77 a Comic-Series directed by Mehran Modiri. Soroush Sehhat also had a performance in Nan, Eshgh va motore Hezar ("The Bread , The Love and Motocycle 1000") directed by Abolhassan Davoudee.


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Sorush Sehhat ( سروش صحت )


Sorush Sehhat ( سروش صحت )

Director | Editor | Actor | Writer

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