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Soheila Razavi


Soheila Razavi


Born: August 31st 1954 in Tehran, Iran

Razavi, Soheila (born August 31, 1954, Tehran) Soheila Razavi entered the realm of art with theatre acting in 1980. She made her debut movie with ‘Tornado’ (1985), directed by Kamran Qadakchian. Razavi has appeared in a number of TV series, including ‘ A Time to Repent’ (2007), ‘Heirs of Mr. Nikbakht’ (2008), ‘Coast Guard’ (2009) and ‘Remembrance’ (2013). She has also taken part in several movies such as ‘Amorously’ (1995), ‘Cardboard Hotel’ (1996), ‘The Lizard’ (2003), ‘A Sugar Cube’ (2009), ‘Yousef’ (2010) and ‘Migraine’ (2011). She is married to the TV and cinema actor Farrokh Nemati.


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Soheila Razavi