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Sirous Gorjestani ( سیروس گرجستانی )


Sirous Gorjestani ( سیروس گرجستانی )


Born: March 16th 1945 in

Sirous Gorjestani ( سیروس گرجستانی ) is a veteran Iranian actor who was born in Anzali, a harbor town on the Caspian shore. He spent his primary school in the same city and later moved to Tehran where he grew up in one of the Iranian capital's oldest neighborhoods. Initially a stage actor, who debuted at the age of 25, he quickly moved on to television and made his film debut in 1979. This prolific actor became well experienced in stage, television and film acting by the age of 30. Gorjestani, however, is most famous for his roles in comedy series such as Habib's Good Days


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Sirous Gorjestani ( سیروس گرجستانی )


Sirous Gorjestani ( سیروس گرجستانی )


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