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Sina Razani


Sina Razani

Editor | Actor

Born in Tehran, Iran

Razani, Sina (born 1979, Tehran) Sina Razani holds a bachelor’s degree in Dramatic Arts from the Islamic Azad University. This experienced theater actor has performed in the films ‘Fish Fall in Love’ (2004), ‘Ashkan, the Sacred Ring and Other Stories’ (2007), ‘New Year’s Eve’ (2011), ‘Self-Injury’ (2011), ‘Messed Up’ (2011) and ‘Once More Rain’ (2012) and the television series ‘The Way of Love’ (2004), ‘And God Created Love’ (2005), ‘Shahriar’ (2005) and ‘Cloudy Years’ (2014). He has received the Third Acting Award for his performance in the play ‘Whatever Your Heart Desires’ (2004) from the Read More.. Twelfth Festival of Rituals and Customs.


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Sina Razani