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Siavash Kheirabi


Siavash Kheirabi


Born: December 20th 1984 in Tehran, Iran

Kheirabi, Siavash (born December 20, 1984, Tehran) Siavash Kheirabi has a BA degree in Computer Sciences from Islamic Azad University. He experienced acting for the first time in junior high school. While he was a student, one of his friends found him a job in a documentary production, after which he decided to pursue an acting career. He has also participated in acting classes at the Young Filmmakers Center. In 2007, Kheirabi appeared in the made-for-TV film 'Talkhoon', but it was after appearing in Hossein Soheili’s 'A Mother's Song' (2008) that he found nation-wide fame. He has acted in the series 'Solace of the Heart' (2010), 'The Read More.. Forgotten' (2010), '3-5-2' (2011), and 'The Sound of Rain' (2013). He has also appeared in the movies 'Hidden Feeling' (2006), 'The Snitch' (2008), 'Boys Are Not Born Soldiers' (2009), 'Dementia' (2012), 'One-Way Street' (2011), 'The Bubble' (2012), 'Lucky Luke' (2012), and 'Javad and Angel' (2013).


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Siavash Kheirabi