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Shirin Bina ( شیرین بینا )


Shirin Bina ( شیرین بینا )

Actor | Writer

Bina, Shirin (born August 20, 1964, Marand) Born Shirin Sedq Gouya, Shirin Bina has a Bachelor’s Degree in Educational Sciences from Islamic Azad University. She made her cinematic debut with ‘Tick Tock’ (1992) for which she was nominated for a Crystal Simorgh of Best Actress in a Supporting Role award at the 12th Fajr International Film Festival. Bina has appeared in a number of movies, including ‘Scent of Joseph's Shirt’ (1995), ‘Sohrab’ (1999), ‘The Wind Carpet’ (2002), ‘Bygone Days’ (2003), ‘The Trial’ (2006), ‘Dinosaur’ (2007), ‘Prison Bride’ (2007), ‘Puzzle’ (2007), 'You and I’ (2011), ‘The S Read More.. traw Dogs’ (2013), and ‘Five Stars’ (2013). She has also acted in several series, including ‘Image of a Dream’ (1996), ‘Passenger from India’ (2002), ‘Help Me’ (2004), ‘Coma’ (2007), and ‘Detective Alavi 2’ (2008). Her sister, Negin Sedq Gouya, is an actress too.


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Shirin Bina ( شیرین بینا )