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Shayesteh Irani (شایسته ایرانی‌)


Shayesteh Irani (شایسته ایرانی‌)


Born: June 23rd 1979 in Tehran, Iran

Shayesteh Irani (شایسته ایرانی‌) born in 1979, is an iranian actress. She graduated from Azad University of Tehran majoring in Acting and then began her career in 1998 by acting on the stage before working in Cinema. Her performance in Facing Mirrors (2011) earned her 3 nominations for the Best Actress award by Fajr Film Festival (Tehran), The Iranian Cinematic Critics (Tehran) and the 2015 Asia Pacific Screen Awards. However she is most prominently known for her performance in Jafar Panahi's Offside (2006) that won her the prize of the Best Actress at the Gijon International Film Festival, Spain in 2006. She also starred in th Read More.. e politically charged TV drama 'Moje Sevom' (2008) and the more dogmatic 'Setayesh' (2010).


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Shayesteh Irani (شایسته ایرانی‌)