Shamsi Fazlollahi ( شمسی فضل الهی )


Shamsi Fazlollahi ( شمسی فضل الهی )


Born in Tehran, Iran

Shamsi Fazlollahi ( شمسی فضل الهی ) born in December 1, 1941, is an Iranian actress. Shamsi Fazlollahi began her acting career in the 1950s performing for radio theater shows in the NIRTV . The 1960s saw her acting for multiple theater groups, collaborating with prominent Iranian writers and directors of the era. At the same time Shamsi Fazlollahi also took roles in movies and tv shows. Dubbing for TV and cinema was also very important in her career. She is best known as the voice of Caroline in the series Little House on the Prairie, as Bambi\'s mother in the cartoon film and later as the narrator of Bamzi cartoon series. Shamsi F Read More.. azlollahi received a lifetime achievement award at the 2009 Tehran Women\'s Theater Festival. She is continuing her work as an actress, both on screen and theater, while performing in radio plays for the Iranian Radio


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Shamsi Fazlollahi ( شمسی فضل الهی )