Shahrzad Kamal Zadeh (شهرزاد کمال‌زاده)


Shahrzad Kamal Zadeh (شهرزاد کمال‌زاده)


Born: March 27th 1985 in Tehran, Iran

Kamalzadeh, Shahrzad (born 1985, Tehran) Shahrzad Kamalzadeh studied computer engineering. Her first TV appearance was in 2002 with ‘Thousands of Eyes’ directed by Kianoush Ayyari. Two years later, she experienced cinema with ‘I Saw Your Dad Last Night Aida’ (2004) directed by Rasool Sadr Ameli. She became famous by acting in ‘The Long Path’ (2011), directed by Reza Karimi. She has acted in more than 40 movies such as ‘Three Women’ (2007), ‘The Killer’ (2009), and ‘Tidings to Citizen of the Third Millennium’ (2013) and series such as ‘Gharib's World’ (2002-2007), ‘Relatively Bad Guys’ (2013), and ‘The Co Read More.. lor of Doubt’ (2014).


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Shahrzad Kamal Zadeh (شهرزاد کمال‌زاده)