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Shahrokh Foroutanian ( شاهرخ فروتنیان)


Shahrokh Foroutanian ( شاهرخ فروتنیان)

Director | Actor | Costume Designer | Set Designer

Born: July 13th 1956 in Tehran, Iran

Shahrokh Foroutanian ( شاهرخ فروتنیان ) was born on 13 July 1956 in Tehran. Prior to working in film he was teaching painting for a number of years. Shahrokh Foroutanian broke into the film industry after he became professionally familiar with the director and designer Ali Hatami, who encouraged him to take his skills to the screen. Shahrokh Foroutanian has established himself as an actor working in such films as 'The Lizard' (2004), 'Going By' (2001), and 'Romantic Nostalgia' (2014). He also worked as an art director on the 'Let's Talk Farsi' (2001) series and as a costume designer for the multi-awarded drama Gradually (Be Ahest Read More.. egi). In 2015, he played alongside Niki Karimi in Vahid Jalilvand's social drama Wednesday May 9 (Chaharshanbeh 19 Ordibehesht). Shahrokh Foroutanian is also known for The Day Goes and The Night Comes (Shabaneh Rooz), The Lizard (Marmoolak), Thirteen 59 (Sizdah 59), Relations (Ravabet), Gilaneh, Tales (Ghesseha), Wintery Sleep (Khabe Zemestani), A Very Close Encounter (Barkhorde Kheili Nazdik).


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Shahrokh Foroutanian ( شاهرخ فروتنیان)


Shahrokh Foroutanian ( شاهرخ فروتنیان)

Director | Actor | Costume Designer | Set Designer

Actor (42 credits)
It Was Winter - Zemestan Bood - زمستان بود2020
Dream Time - Vaghte Roya - وقت رویا2020
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Camel Coat - Palto shotori - پالتو شتری2018
Orduckly - Ordakli - اردکلی2018
There at the Same Time - Anja Haman Saat - آنجا همان ساعت2018
Atmosphere Station - Istgahe Atmosfer - ایستگاه اتمسفر2017
The Dirty Job - Kare Kasif - کار کثیف2017
My Image Is Not In The Mirror - Tasviram dar Ayene Nist - تصویرم در آینه نیست2017
A Case For Sara - Parvandei Baraye Sara - پرونده‌ای برای سارا2016
Mermaid - Pari Daryaie - پری دریایی2016
Mina's Possibility - Emkane Mina - امکان مینا2015Watch Now
Wednesday, May 9 - Chaharshanbeh 19 Ordibehesht‎‎ - چهارشنبه 19 اردیبهشت2015Watch Now
Tales - Ghesseha - قصه ها2014
The Return - Bazgasht - بازگشت2014
The Corridor - Dehliz - دهلیز2013Watch Now
Kissing The Moonlike Face - Boosidane Rooye Mah - بوسيدن روی ماه2012Watch Now
Parole - Azadiye Mashroot - آزادی مشروط2012Watch Now
Migraine - Migren - میگرن2012
Thirteen 59 - Sizdah 59 - ۵۹ سيزده2011Watch Now
Romantic Nostalgia - DeltangiHaye Asheghaneh - دلتنگی‌های عاشقانه2011Watch Now
Mr Yousef - Agha Yousef - آقا یوسف2011Watch Now
Behind the Scenes: A Very Close Encounter - Poshte Sahne Barkhord Kheili Nazdik - پشت صحنه برخورد خیلی نزدیک2010Watch Now
Ruin - Tabahi - تباهی2010Watch Now
Maternal - Madarane - مادرانه2009
Day and Night - Shabane Rooz - شبانه روز2008Watch Now
Three Women - Se Zan - سه زن2008
Winter Dream - Khabe Zemestani - خواب زمستانی2007Watch Now
Relations - Ravabet - روابط2007Watch Now
Upper than the Heaven - Balatar az Aseman - بالاتر از آسمان2007
Eghlima - Eghleema - اقلیما2006
25th Hour - Saate 25 - ساعت ۲۵2006Watch Now
Few Strands of Hair - Chand Tare Moo - چند تار مو2005
Cafe Setareh - kafe setareh - کافه ستاره2005Watch Now
I Saw Your Dad Last Night, Aida - Dishab Babato Didam, Aida - دیشب باباتو دیدم، آیدا2005
The Lizard - Marmoolak - مارمولک2004Watch Now
Gilaneh - Geelaneh - گیلانه2004
Kandaloos Gardens - Bagh Haye Kandaloos - باغ‌های کندلوس2004
Whirlpool - Gerdab - گرداب2003Watch Now
Scarecrow Lover - Ashehe Matarsak - عاشق مترسک2003
The Last Supper - Shaame Akhar - شام آخر2002Watch Now
Going by - Az Kenare Ham Migozarim - از کنار هم میگذریم2001
Costume Designer (1 credit)