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Shahrokh Estakhri (شاهرخ استخری)


Shahrokh Estakhri (شاهرخ استخری)


Born: October 6th 1980 in Tehran, Iran

Shahrokh Estakhri (شاهرخ استخری) is an Iranian actor born on 6 October 1980. He is the eldest of three children, the other two being sisters, of a Chemical Engineer father and a Language graduate mother. Although he was inclined towards acting since his early life, he was obliged to study engineering and became a graduate in Industrial Engineering in 1999. After completion of his academic career he stepped in to the arena of acting by working with Director Mohammad Hossein Latifi and then Mohammad Rahmanian. However, Shahrokh Estakhri's real fame began after his role in TV drama serial Delnavazan (The Beloved) and "Faseleha" Read More.. (Distance). Both aired in IRIB in 2010.


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Shahrokh Estakhri (شاهرخ استخری)