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Shahram Abdoli ( شهرام عبدلی )


Shahram Abdoli ( شهرام عبدلی )


Born in Tehran, Iran

Shahram Abdoli ( شهرام عبدلی ) was born in 1977. This Iranian actor was born in Tehran and has a degree in Literature. He made his stage debut at a young age. Abdoli mostly plays the roles of villains. He has appeared in the series The Red Line. Shahram Abdoli has an academic degree in Dramatic Literature and started acting onstage when he was a teenager. He has played the villainous roles in most of his movies. Abdoli has appeared in a number of TV series, including ‘The Red Line’ (2001), ‘The Last Invitation’ (2008), ‘Worlds Apart’ (2010), ‘Tabriz in Fog’ (2010), ‘No Pain, No Gain’ (2011), ‘Lean on the Win Read More.. d’ (2011), ‘Parvaneh’ (2013) and ‘The Mystery of the Shah’ (2015). He has also played in several movies such as ‘Girl in a Cage’ (2002) and ‘Invitation’ (2008)


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Shahram Abdoli ( شهرام عبدلی )