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Shahla Riahi ( شهلا ریاحی‎ )


Shahla Riahi ( شهلا ریاحی‎ )

Director | Producer | Actor

Born: September 8th 1926 in Tehran, Iran

Shahla Riahi ( شهلا ریاحی‎ ) was born in 1926 and is an Iranian actress.She started stage acting in 1944 and first appeared in cinema in Golden Dreams. In 1956, she became the first Iranian woman to direct a feature, with Marjan. Shahla Riahi's career as a film actress includes more than 72 features.


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Shahla Riahi ( شهلا ریاحی‎ )


Shahla Riahi ( شهلا ریاحی‎ )

Director | Producer | Actor

Actor (50 credits)
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