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Shahin Taslimi


Shahin Taslimi


This veteran Iranian actress made her theater debut at a young age but soon quit due to her family's disapproval. Years later, she made a comeback after being chosen for a role in Mozaffar Garden


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Shahin Taslimi


Shahin Taslimi


Actor (24 credits)
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Motherhood Real Estate Agents - Amlakiha - املاکی‌ها2015Watch Now
Motherhood Circle of David - Dayereye Davood - دایره‌ی داوود2015
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Motherhood Flawless Robbery - Serghate Bi Naghs - سرقت بی نقص2015Watch Now
Motherhood Azar, Shahdokht, Parviz and Others - Azar, Shahdokht, Parviz va Digaran - آذر, شهدخت, پرویز و دیگران2014Watch Now
Motherhood Rajab Becomes an Artist - Rajab Artist Mishavad - رجب آرتیست می شود2014Watch Now
Motherhood Oblivion Season - Fasle Faramoushie Fariba - فصل فراموشی فریبا2014
Motherhood Honey Loan - Vame Asal - وام عسل2013Watch Now
Motherhood The Golden Egg Chicken - Morghe Tokhm Tala - مرغ تخم طلا2013Watch Now
Motherhood Last Day of the Year - Akharin Rooze Sal - آخرین روز سال2012
Motherhood Don't Close Your Eyes - Cheshmato Naband - چشماتو نبند2009Watch Now
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Flat Tire Flat Tire - Panchari - پنچریWatch Now
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Reward of Darkness Reward of Darkness - Armaghane Tariki - ارمغان تاریکیWatch Now
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Motherhood Motherhood - Madaraneh - مادرانهWatch Now