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Seyyed Ali Tabatabaei ( علی طباطبایی‎ )


Seyyed Ali Tabatabaei ( علی طباطبایی‎ )


Born: October 24th 1983 in Tehran, Iran

Tabatabaee, Seyyed-Ali (born October 24, 1983, Tehran - died August 30, 2015, Tehran) Seyyed-Ali Tabatabaee was an Iranian actor. He was the son of Seyyed-Kamal Tabatabaee, a renowned Iranian movie producer. In 2004, he made his acting debut in the feature film 'Season Salad', directed by Fereidoun Jeirani. He subsequently appeared in several movies such as 'The 25th Hour' (2006), 'Stand At Attention' (2007), 'A View of the Moon' (2008) and 'From Beyond the Grave' (2009). He also took part in a number of series, including 'Brothers-in-law' (2004), 'A Mother's Song' (2008), 'The Chef' (2009), 'Heart of Ice' (2010), and 'Relatively Bad Guys Read More.. ' (2013). In 2015, Tabatabaee passed away due to cardiac arrest.


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Seyyed Ali Tabatabaei ( علی طباطبایی‎ )


Seyyed Ali Tabatabaei ( علی طباطبایی‎ )