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Setareh Pesiani ( ستاره پسیانی )


Setareh Pesiani ( ستاره پسیانی )


Born: July 9th 1982 in Tehran, Iran

Pesyani, Setareh (born 1982, Tehran) Setareh Pesyani is daughter of Atila Pesyani, the famous Iranian actor. Her first debut happened when she was 5 years old, in a play directed by her father. She has directed the play of ‘Magic Musical Instrument’ (1995), when she was 13. In 1991, she entered cinema by acting in ‘The World's Best Dad’. She has played in several movies and series such as ‘Unfinished Narrations’ (2006), ‘Three Women’ (2007), ‘The Third Wave’ (2008), ‘Registry Number 13’ (2009), and ‘No Men Allowed’ (2010). She has won the best actress award of the 28th Fajr Theater Festival for playing in Read More.. The House’ (2009) play.


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Setareh Pesiani ( ستاره پسیانی )