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Setareh Eskandari ( ستاره اسکندری )


Setareh Eskandari ( ستاره اسکندری )

Actor | Director

Born: June 15th 1974 in

Setareh Eskandari ( ستاره اسکندری ) born on 15 June 1974, is an Iranian actress. Having started acting in theatre, she acted in Narges, a popular Iranian TV series. Setareh Eskandari appeared as a substitute actress for Poupak Goldareh, who played the character of Narges originally and died in a car accident when the series was filming its 37th episode.


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Setareh Eskandari ( ستاره اسکندری )


Setareh Eskandari ( ستاره اسکندری )

Actor | Director

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