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Sara Khoeniha ( سارا خوئینی‌ها )


Sara Khoeniha ( سارا خوئینی‌ها )


Born: May 24th 1974 in Tehran, Iran

Khoeniha, Sara (born May 24, 1974, Tehran) Sara Khoeniha is a graduate of Graphic Arts from Tehran University. She made her film debut with 'Bloody Morning' (1990) at the age of 15. Then, she has appeared in movies 'Flowers and Bullets' (1991), 'Friends' (1998), 'Mask' (2004), 'Spaghetti in 8 Minutes' (2005), 'Invitation' (2008), 'Superstar' (2008), 'Anxiety' (2009), 'One of the Two of Us' (2010), 'Through the City' (2010), 'The Worried Heart' (2012), 'The Wedding Gift' (2012) and 'Dementia' (2012). She has also taken part in a number of series, including 'Mother' (1999), 'The Green Journey' (2001), 'Night Path' (2006), 'Cry Out i Read More.. n Silence' (2007), 'The Children Are Watching' (2010), 'The Pahlavi Hat' (2012-2013), and 'The Transparent Night' (2013). In 2006, she received the Award of Best Actress in a Leading Role from Sima Film Festival (Iran TV) for 'Lost Innocence' (2002).


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Sara Khoeniha ( سارا خوئینی‌ها )


Sara Khoeniha ( سارا خوئینی‌ها )


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