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Samaneh Pakdel (سمانه پاکدل)‌


Samaneh Pakdel (سمانه پاکدل)‌


Born: October 26th 1987 in Isfahan, Iran

Pakdel, Samaneh (born in 1987, Tehran) Samaneh Pakdel is an Iranian actress who became a household name by appearing in the series ‘Solace of the Heart’ (2009). She has acted in a number of movies such as ‘One of Our Two’ (2011) and ‘The Ascendants’ (2014). Some of her TV series include ‘Window’ (2011), ‘Hand Above Hand’ (2012), ‘Relatively Bad Guys’ (2013), ‘The Other’ (2014) and ‘Neighbors’ (2016).


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Samaneh Pakdel (سمانه پاکدل)‌