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Saeed Saadi ( سعید سعدی )


Saeed Saadi ( سعید سعدی )


Born: December 22nd 1962 in Tafresh, Iran

Saeed Saadi ( سعید سعدی ) was born in 1962 Tafresh. He is an Iranian film producer and started his career with the movie Gilane (2005). He produced recent films like Tardid (2009) and the drama Alzheimer (2011).


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Saeed Saadi ( سعید سعدی )


Saeed Saadi ( سعید سعدی )


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SWAT Here Is A Different City - Inja Shehre Digari Ast - اینجا شهر دیگری است2012
SWAT Alzheimer's - Alzaymer - آلزایمر2011
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SWAT Gilaneh - Geelaneh - گیلانه2004
SWAT The Derrick - Dakal - دکل1996
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