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Saeed Poursamimi ( سعید پورصمیمی )


Saeed Poursamimi ( سعید پورصمیمی )


Born: February 29th 1944 in Tehran, Iran

Saeed Poursamimi ( سعید پورصمیمی ) born 29 February 1944, is an Iranian actor. He started film career acting in Captain Khorshid directed by Naser Taghvai. Saeed Poorsamimi received three Crystal Simorgh for Captain Khorshid, Tohfeh-ha and Pardeh-ye Akhar. He also selected as the Comedian of the year by Golagha institution in 2008 along with Khodadad Azizi.


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Saeed Poursamimi ( سعید پورصمیمی )


Saeed Poursamimi ( سعید پورصمیمی )


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