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Saeed Ebrahimifar


Saeed Ebrahimifar

Director | Producer | Actor | Writer

Ebrahimifar, Saeed (born April 3, 1956, Tehran) Saeed Ebrahimifar has left his studies unfinished in both Engineering Physics and Cinema majors. He began his career in cinema industry with writing the screenplay of the movie ‘Mission’. Ebrahimifar worked as an assistant director for the first time on the movie ‘Queue’ (1984), directed by Ali Asghar Asgarian. He has directed various movies, including ‘Fire and Straw’ (1988), ‘The Confrontation’ (2004) and ‘The Solitary Trees’ (2007). Ebrahimifar has also acted in the films ‘Our Little Family’ (1991), ‘One Night’ (2004), ‘So Close, So Far’ (2004), ‘Ashkan Read More.. , the Sacred Ring and Other Stories’ (2007), ‘Thirteen 59 (1980)’ (2010) and ‘Fish and Cat’ (2013). Besides directing, he has produced and wrote movies as well as making TV ads.


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Saeed Ebrahimifar