Saber Abbar ( صابر ابر )

Saber Abbar ( صابر ابر )




Saber Abbar ( صابر ابر ) is an Iranian actor and theater director from Tehran. He was born on 8 June 1984. Abar is best known for his perfomance in About Elly. He was nominated for two Crystal Simorgh Prizes for Best Supporting Actor at the 25th and 27th Fajr International Film Festivals. Saber Abar began his career on the small screen by hosting TV shows such as 'Rainbow' and '100 Seconds'. He debuted his cinematic career in 2005 with 'Poets of the Wastes'. Abar has appeared in the movies 'Three Women' (2007), 'Nothing' (2009), 'Agha Yousef' (2010), 'Here, without Me' (2010), 'At the End of 8th Street' (2011), 'Nowhere, No One' (2012), Everything for Sale' (2013), 'Dreamy' (2013), 'Sending Condolences Ad to Newspaper' (2013), 'Crazy Rook' (2014), 'My Heart Desires' (2014), 'Dowry's Sugar Bowl' (2015). Iran's House of Cinema has Read More.. presented Abar the Golden Statue of the Best Actor In a Supporting Role for appearing in 'Colors of Memory' (2006). Among his other credits are the Best Emerging Actor prize for his performance in 'Acrid' (2012) from Rome Film Festival as well as nominations for Best Actor In a Supporting Role by featuring in 'Snow on the Pines' (2011) and 'Kissing the Face of the Moon' (2011) from the ceremony of Iranian Society of Film Critics and Writers. His appearance in 'Dayere Zangi' (2007) also won him a nomination for the Best Actor Crystal Simorgh from Fajr International Film Festival. He has also directed the plays 'Dying 21 Times in 30 Days' and "V's and Commas".

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