Roya Nonahali

Roya Nonahali



Roya Nonahali is an Iranian actress who studied painting and has been working in theatre since 1984. She made her first steps working as an actress with 'The Beloved is at Home' (1987, Khosrow Sinai). She was selected by Mohsen Makhmalbaf for 'Marriage of the Blessed' and received a prize for her role at Fajr International Film Festival. Her performance in Smell of Camphor, Fragrance of Jasmine was awarded with the prize of Best Supporting Actress at the festival. She started acting in TV programs by Sleep & Awake in 2001. Nonahali is also known for There Is Nothing Behind the Door. More recently Roya Nonahali appeared in the movie 'Where Are My Shoes?' (Kafshhayam Koo) and 'It Happened at Midnight' (Nimeh Shab Etefagh Oftad).

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