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Rouhollah Hejazi ( روح‌الله حجازی )


Rouhollah Hejazi ( روح‌الله حجازی )

Director | Producer | Writer

Born in Abadan, Iran

Born in 1979 in Abadan, Rouhollah Hejazi ( روح‌الله حجازی) has directed many video movies. His debut feature film, 'Among the Clouds' (Dar Miane Abrha), won the best 1st Feature Film award in Fajr International Film Festival 2008 in Iran, and took part in many international festivals such as Vancouver, Pusan, Palm Springs and Rotterdam. More recently, Rouhollah Hejazi directed 'The Wedlock' (Zendegi Moshtarake Aghaye Mahmoudi Va Banoo) and 'Death of the Fish' (Marge Mahi).


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Rouhollah Hejazi ( روح‌الله حجازی )