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Roshanak Ajamian


Roshanak Ajamian


Ajamian, Roshanak (born February 9, 1977, Tehran) Roshanak Ajamian holds BA in acting and MA in play directing. Her first TV appearance was in 2002 with ‘Perspective’ and in the same year played in ‘Filmaholic’. She has acted in movies such as ‘Abraham, Friend of Allah’ (2005), ‘The Book of Law’ (2008), ‘The Empty Chair’ (2008), ‘A Tiny Mistake’ (2009), and ‘Carnival of Death’ (2010). She has appeared in series such as ‘Aqaqiya Alley’ (2003), ‘Cocoons of Flight’ (2004), ‘The Man of a Thousand Faces’ (2008), ‘Danny and Me’ (2009), and ‘A Way Out’ (2010). Her other programs have been ‘Equal Read More.. Opportunity’ and TV contests such as ‘The Stairs’ (2006), ‘The Spouses’ (2009), and ‘Four by Four’ (2011).


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Roshanak Ajamian