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Reza Davoudnejad ( رضا داوودنژاد )


Reza Davoudnejad ( رضا داوودنژاد )

Actor | Writer

Born: June 7th 1981 in Tehran, Iran

Reza Davoudnejad ( رضا داوودنژاد ), born in 1981 in Tehran, started his acting career by starring in his father Alireza Reza Davoudnejad's films. His first role was in 'Shelterless', but the film that made him famous was 'Sweet Agony'. It also brought him a nomination for the best actor in the 17th Fajr International Film Festival. In the production of 'Bad Kids', Reza Davoudnejad carried out multiple tasks by being the project's writer, actor, and assistant director. He was also one of the judges in the 17th International Children's Film Festival in Esfahan.


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Reza Davoudnejad ( رضا داوودنژاد )


Reza Davoudnejad ( رضا داوودنژاد )

Actor | Writer