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Reza Banki


Reza Banki

Producer | Actor | Cinematographer | Writer | Photographer

An Iranian cinematographer and actor, mostly known for his roles in Coma (2004), Bloody Season (1981), and Faryad-e zir-e ab (1977)


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Reza Banki


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Battle in Tasooki - Jedal Dar Tasooki - جدال در تاسوکی1986Watch Now
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Samandar - Samandar - سمندر1985
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Roots in Blood - Rishe Dar Khoon - ریشه در خون1984Watch Now
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My Heritage, Insanity - Mirase Man Jonoon - میراث من جنون1981
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To the Last Breath - Ta Akharin Nafas - تا آخرین نفس1978
The Guest - Meehman - میهمان1976