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Reza Attaran ( رضا عطاران )


Reza Attaran ( رضا عطاران )

Director | Producer | Editor | Actor | Cinematographer | Writer

Born: May 10th 1968 in Mashhad, Iran

Reza Attaran ( رضا عطاران ) is an Iranian actor, singer, writer, and director from Mashhad. He has appeared in films and television shows. He made his big debut in 1995 starring in Saate Khosh (1995-1996), directed by Mehran Modiri. Reza Attaran won the Best Actor award at the 2008 Gol Aga Comedy Film Festival. He recently directed Red Carpet. Reza Attaran is also known for his role as Naser in 2016 comedy I Am Not Salvador (Man Salvador Nistam).


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Reza Attaran ( رضا عطاران )


Reza Attaran ( رضا عطاران )

Director | Producer | Editor | Actor | Cinematographer | Writer

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