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Rasoul Sadrameli ( رسول صدرعاملی )


Rasoul Sadrameli ( رسول صدرعاملی )

Director | Producer | Writer | Actor

Born in Isfahan, Iran

Born in Isfahan, Iran in 1953, Rasoul Sadrameli ( رسول صدرعاملی ) studied sociology in France before returning to Iran to produce Ami Ghavidel's "Rain of Blood"(1981) and make his directorial debut with "The Release" (1982). He is known for his melodramas and exploration of social issues. He made "Golhaye Davoodi" in 1985 which was the first Iranian melodrama to be made after Islamic Revolution in 1979. His trilogy ("A Girl in the Sneakers", "I Am Taraneh, I Am 15 years Old" and "Aida, I saw Your Father Last Night") is about young girls' lives in contemporary Iran were well received both by national and international film critics Read More.. and also by audiences. His movie Every Night of Solitude won an award in the Chicago film festival.


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Rasoul Sadrameli ( رسول صدرعاملی )


Rasoul Sadrameli ( رسول صدرعاملی )

Director | Producer | Writer | Actor