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Rasoul Mollagholipour (رسول ملاقلی پور)


Rasoul Mollagholipour (رسول ملاقلی پور)

Director | Producer | Editor | Writer | Costume Designer

Born in Tehran, Iran

Rasool Mollagholipoor ( رسول ملاقلی پور ) was an Iranian producer, screenwriter and director. Rasool Mollagholipoor's work was mainly based on war and drama and managed to win the Crystal Simorgh Prize for best film "Flight At Night" in the annual Fajr Film Festival. He began his work after the revolution as an amateur photographer and worked his way through the Iranian cinema. "M For Mother" which drew a lot of attention was one of his last films.


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Rasoul Mollagholipour (رسول ملاقلی پور)