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Ramin Rastad ( رامین راستاد )


Ramin Rastad ( رامین راستاد )


Born: May 23rd 1972 in Mashhad, Iran

Ramin Rastad ( رامین راستاد ) was born in Mashhad. He has been interested in acting since his early years. He studied literature for three semesters before dropping out to participate in an independent acting workshop. He found fame with the drama Under the Blade and appeared in dramas such as Like Nobody Else, A Message from the After Life and Injury. Films with his participation include M for Mother and Glass Love. Ramin Rastad also has experience in assistant directing, makeup design, and production planning. He has also tried his hand at professional football.


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Ramin Rastad ( رامین راستاد )


Ramin Rastad ( رامین راستاد )


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