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Ramin Naser Nasir


Ramin Naser Nasir

Actor | Cinematographer

Born: January 31st 1976 in Tehran, Iran

Nasser-Nassir, Ramin (born 1976, Tehran) Ramin Nasser-Nassir holds a degree in editing from University of Tehran - College of Fine Arts. His first appearance on TV was with 'Happy Hour' in 1994. He has worked as a photographer, writer, translator, director and script supervisor as well. Nasser-Nassir has appeared in series such as 'Festival 77' (1999), 'Sweet Jam' (2000), 'The Entrance Exam Applicants' (2002), 'Brothers-in-Law' (2004), 'Hodhod Bookstore' (2006), 'Stepmother' (2010), '3-5-2' (2011), 'Bitter Coffee' (2012) and 'A Frame of Mementos' (2013). He has also directed the series 'Rental Home' (2011).


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Ramin Naser Nasir


Ramin Naser Nasir

Actor | Cinematographer

Actor (24 credits)