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Rambod Javan (رامبد جوان)


Rambod Javan (رامبد جوان)

Director | Producer | Actor | Writer

Born: December 22nd 1971 in Tehran, Iran

Born in 1971 in Tehran, Rambod Javan ( رامبد جوان ) is an established actor, director and TV host in the Iranian cinema and television who started his career in 1994. He has acted in over 20 feature films and directed his first film SPAGHETTI IN 8 MINUTES in 2005. Rambod Javane made his second feature film, ADAM’S SON, EVE’S DAUGHTER in 2009. His film NO ENTRY FOR MEN was a box-office hit in Iran in 2011. NEGAR is his fourth feature film.


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Rambod Javan (رامبد جوان)


Rambod Javan (رامبد جوان)

Director | Producer | Actor | Writer

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