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Rahim Noroozi ( رحیم نوروزی )


Rahim Noroozi ( رحیم نوروزی )


Born in Rasht, Iran

Rahim Noroozi ( رحیم نوروزی ) was born in the Northern Iranian city of Rasht. This Iranian actor and director graduated with a Bachelor's in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Monuments and a Master's in Dramatic Literature from Islamic Azad University's Faculty of Arts and Architecture. He then continued his education in theater for a year under the supervision of Behrouz Baqayi in Gilan in 1989. He started his career with commercials and talks shows. This talented Iranian has found fame internationally, thanks to his role in the period drama Prophet Joseph, and has numerous fans at home and abroad. Noroozi's other successfu Read More.. l dramas include After the Rain


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Rahim Noroozi ( رحیم نوروزی )