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Pirooz Kalantari ( پیروز کلانتری )


Pirooz Kalantari ( پیروز کلانتری )

Director | Producer | Editor | Writer

Born in Tehran, Iran

Born in 1953 in Tehran, Pirooz Kalantari ( پیروز کلانتری) graduated from Tehran's High College of Film & TV in 1974. He started his career as journalist since 1986 and he worked with the Film Monthly journal as a film critic. His first documentary, The Refugee (1992) was awarded the Press Prize of the 3rd Tokyo Global Environmental Film Festival and the Bronze Torch of Best Documentary at the 5th Pyongyang Film Festival. Pirooz Kalantari made his second documentary, Lasting Story


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Pirooz Kalantari ( پیروز کلانتری )