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Peyman Ghasemkhani (پیمان قاسم خانی)


Peyman Ghasemkhani (پیمان قاسم خانی)

Director | Actor | Writer | Producer

Born: January 20th 1966 in Tehran, Iran

The established screenwriter and actor Peyman Ghasemkhani (پیمان قاسم خانی) was born on 20 January 1966 and graduated from Ahvaz University in 1985. In his career as a screenwriter for film and television, Peyman Ghasemkhani mostly worked with Mehran Modiri (e.g. 'Marde Hezar Chehreh (2008) and 'Baghe Mozaffar (2005-2007)), but also delivered the script for Kamal Tabrizi's 'Marmoulak (2003) and Saman Moghaddam's 'Maxx (2004). Having many talents, Peyman Ghasemkhani not only wrote the screenplay for Behrooz Afkhami's comedy 'Saint Petersburg' (2010), but also played the role of Farshad in it.


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Peyman Ghasemkhani (پیمان قاسم خانی)


Peyman Ghasemkhani (پیمان قاسم خانی)

Director | Actor | Writer | Producer

Producer (1 credit)