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Pegah Ahangarani ( پگاه آهنگرانی )


Pegah Ahangarani ( پگاه آهنگرانی )

Director | Producer | Editor | Actor

Born: July 24th 1984 in Iran

Pegah Ahangarani ( پگاه آهنگرانی ) is an Iranian actress and film director. She was born on 24 July 1984 to the actress and director Manijeh Hekmat and movie director Jamshid Ahangarani. Since 2001, Pegah Ahangarani has performed in eleven Iranian feature films and directed several documentaries.


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Pegah Ahangarani ( پگاه آهنگرانی )


Pegah Ahangarani ( پگاه آهنگرانی )

Director | Producer | Editor | Actor

Actor (32 credits)
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